22. November 2007 – 5. January 2008

Photographs by Mara Truog

Wherever the performance artist Heinrich Lüber appears, all physical laws seem to turn up side down.
Floating high over the city streets, adopting strange body parts, or standing for hours on the head of his double in the open sea - he always can be assured of the amazed gaze by passers by as well as by the art community.

13. November 2007 – 5. January 2008

The attitude of the artist Till Velten is supported by curiosity and guided by a deep interest in methods of social research. However, he is not concerned about clear-cut explications but rather tries to investigate the complexities of human individuality and its place in society.

31. October 2007 – 10. November 2007

Encounters with Women Pioneers of Performance Art

Opening with the artists and autors on wednesday 31 october, 6-8p.m.

DVD-Edition, edited by Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel
Published by edition fink – Verlag für zeitgenössische Kunst, Zürich

Presentation at STAMPA Gallery, Basel:
Interview 01: Esther Ferrer
Interview 02: VALIE EXPORT
Interview 03: Monika Günther

Performance Saga Interviews is a collection of video interviews with American and European women pioneers of Performance Art.

31. August 2007 – 27. October 2007

Exhibition opening at the occasion of the seasonopening of the Verein Galerien in Basel on
31 August 2007, 5-9 pm.

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6. March 2007 – 26. May 2007


6. March 2007 – 26. May 2007


23. January 2007 – 3. March 2007

Please note: Closed from monday 26 february to thursday 1 march 2007 (Carnival of Basle)

About the exhibition:

Video works, installations, editions, video stills, archive