19. November 2013

Book presentation with an introduction by the author Dr. Katrin Grögel

15. November 2013 – 4. January 2014
Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler
Zilla Leutenegger
Matt Mullican
Guido Nussbaum
Roman Signer
Erik Steinbrecher
Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger
Valentina Stieger
Based on the generic term 'sculpture', the exhibition IM RAUM (SPATIAL) combines sculptural works and objects by eight artists who use varying forms of expression in their oeuvres.
5. November 2013 – 4. January 2014


7. September 2013 – 26. October 2013
In her artistic work, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky is dealing with the phenomenon of flora which is collected and used by her as material for her photographs and collages.
28. May 2013 – 24. August 2013
"The drawn, self-regarding female figure is emblematic for Zilla Leutenegger's artistic work. Like in a mirror, she explores in pictures, videos and installations not only her plastic statue formed by clothes and looks.
28. May 2013 – 24. August 2013
Erik Steinbrecher is presenting works from his work series NEW PAINTINGS (2013) and FIX & FERTIG (2011-2013): 
7. March 2013

Book presentation in the presence of the author Kurt Wyss

18 - 20 h

5. February 2013 – 20. April 2013

Untitled (Gray), 1971
Untitled (Salmon Pink), 1971
Untitled (Green), 1971
Clear Vision, 1973
M. Ampere, 19

5. February 2013 – 6. April 2013
Interpenetrating and sliding incessantly between the ‘intimate’ and ‘general’, Odenbach´s art in its “encyclopédisme” relates therefore not only to the topic of (neo-)colonialism, racism and ‘otherness’, but also touches on the more comprehensive problem of one´s own identity and the identity of events in general.
7. December 2012 – 2. February 2013

PROJECTS represents a loose exhibition series in which artworks from our gallery’s archives are presented in a thematic and historical context.